01. Many animals lose their homes when a [forest] is cut down.
02. He works in [forestry] developing trees that are more naturally resistant to pests.
03. The area was [reforested] about 30 years ago, and is scheduled to be logged in the near future.
04. The [forested] area of the jungle has been largely cut down to make way for cattle farms.
05. We stood on the walls of the old city, looking at a [forest] of television antennas over the city of Jerusalem.
06. The children spent hours playing and exploring in the [forest] around our campground.
07. The continued [deforestation] of the Amazon has resulted in the loss of countless species of plants and animals.
08. Qwatsinas observed that we must protect the [forests] for our children, grandchildren and children yet to be born. We must protect the [forests] for those who can't speak for themselves, such as the birds, animals, fish and trees.
09. The giant kelp that creates underwater [forests] in the ocean belongs to the large group of plants called algae.
10. Every three seconds, an area the size of a football field is cut down in the South American rain[forest].
11. The biggest rain[forest] in the world is in South America, along the banks of the Amazon River.
12. Today, 40 percent of the world's newspapers are printed on paper made from Canada's [forests].
13. [Forest] fires move faster uphill than downhill.
14. There is a Cambodian proverb which observes that the tiger depends on the [forest], and the [forest] depends on the tiger.
15. There is a Chinese proverb which states that one bamboo does not make a [forest].
16. Swaziland has one of the world's largest [forests] planted by people.
17. Since 1975, the Côte d'Ivoire has had the highest rate of [deforestation] in the world.
18. In 1995, the government of Bhutan ruled that at least 60% of the nation must be kept as [forest] for all time.
19. Only a few small stands of trees remain in Yemen's highlands, but the country is too poor to pay for extensive [reforestation] programs.
20. After the fire, there was nothing left of the [forest] apart from a few burnt trees.
21. All the animals living in the [forest] celebrated when Bambi was born.
22. We went for a walk amongst the tall trees of the [forest].
23. Very little sunlight reached the floor of the [forest] because there were so many trees.

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